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Sound-for-Media - Licensing Music - Royalty FREE Music -

Hello World, and welcome to SOUND-FOR-MEDIA!
This is a music-archive for purchasing a license for your multimedia projects. There are
a lot of exclusive Royalty Free Music tracks you can only purchase here. This company is resident in Germany
but you can buy from all over the world. Direct access to the license and wav file!
Payable in Euro and with paypal you pay in your current currency.

• Royalty-Free Music • Music Archives • Music licensing

A variety of musical works are exclusively available at Sound-for-Media.

Completely Royalty-Free Music for Broadcast, Advertising, TV, cinema, radio, show, stage, theater, dance,
presentation, performance, film, video, website, corporate video, Youtube, wait loop, Sound On Demand,
answering machine, multimedia productions ...

Music at its best. The compositions and arrangements of the musical works will convince you.
There are a variety of fair prices for your particular project.
The music-archive of sound-for-media media provides you with a wide repertoire of quality music productions.
After the ordering process you get a license for your current project.

The music are in full length and you can hear the preview-MP3 at 160 kbit/s.
The wav file is provided directly after the purchasing process.
NEW: The download is free and it will be a WAV 44.1 kHz 16 bit!

The music you can hear here are not a member of a collection society such as:
Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights (de)
Collecting Society for Performance Rights (de)
Authors, composers, music publishers (at)
Foundation for Music (ch)
American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (USA)
Broadcast Music Incorporated (USA)
and other Countries